2-Minute Dril Week 5

Well, we are just before the games starting for Week 5 of the NFL and its times for the 2minute drill. Ravens vs Chiefs:  The Ravens are just too tough for the Chiefs.  Ray Lewis will give a powerful pre game speech and the Ravens be fueled by that and win in KC.

Eagles vs Pitt: This is a rivalry of hatred so it will definitely be physical.  Steelers have a bunch of their hard hitters back and Michael Vick will probably get injured again.  Steelers win at home.

Browns vs. Giants: The Browns need a win and they are really not that good but I think they will give the Giants a good battle.  The “G” men are home though so they win.

Miami vs Bengals: Another couple of bad teams but Andy Dalton is playing well and the Bengals are at home so they will win.

Green Bay v. Colts: I know that the Colts will be playing for their hospitalized coach and at home but the Packers wide receivers are just ridiculous and are too much for the Colts.  Cheeseheads win J

Falcons vs Redskins: I’m in D.C. right now and I think Redskins can be the spoiler for Matt Ryan and the undefeated Falcons. RG3 gets a big rookie win.

Seahawks vs Panthers: I love Cam Newton and I know Carolina is not consistant but they are at home and I just think they will run up some points on the Seahawks today. Panthers win

Bears vs Jaguars : Nothing to say about these teams. The Bears, the bears, the bears!!!!

Bills vs 49ers: This is a good historic matchup except the 49ers are getting back to those days and the Bills are still mediocre. San Fran beats the title-less Bills.

Broncos vs Patriots: I love Payton Manning but he has not shown it on the road.  Because this game is in New England, I am gonna take the Patriots. Also, I am feeling patriotic with the elections coming up.

Titans vs Vikings: Another ame that there is not much to say. The Vikings will get another win.

Chargers vs Saints: It will be a record setting day for Drew Bries and with the whole city behind  them, the Saints will beat the Chargers.

Texans vs Jets: What can I say. A great team against the delinquents  in the JETS. I think its almost time for a Tebow return. Tebow or not, the Texans win this one.