2 Minute Drill Week 3

Well, after a week 2 bye on the 2 Minute Drill, I am back with my picks for Week 3.  Without delay, here we go. Buffalo V. Cleveland : Well the Browns are O-fer but the third time is a charm, the Browns are due for a win. Browns over Bills

St. Louis v. Chicago : The Rams are due for a win but Soldier Field is not the place to go get it even despite Jay Cuttler his loud mouth. The Bears just shut their mouth and go win the game. Bears beat the Rams at home.

Tampa Bay v Dallas: The Cowboys made us believe this year would be different with a big win over the Giants in week one but then went up to Seattle and flopped once again.  Tampa hasn't shown too much either though and they are in Dallas so Cowboys regain a winning record and win.

NY Jets v Miami: Both of these teams are not good and the Jets are already starting to call for Tebow.  With GOD behind them, the Jets win in Miami

San Fran v Minnesota : Not much to say for this one.  49ers destroy the Vikings.

Kansas City v New Orleans:  Well NOLA is 0-2 but there is no way they are going to lose to KC in New Orleans.  Bries breaks through with a good game and the Saints get on the board with a win.

Cincy v Washington: Dang this is hard one.  Washington wins their first game and then goes on to lose to the Rams.  The Bengels aren't that much better getting stomped by the Raven the game one. Despite injuries on the "D", I pick the Redskiins.

Detroit v Tennessee:  Even though Detroit is on the road, I still think they can beat the winless Titans. Jake Locker is hurt and Matt Hasselback is too old. The Lions take out another QB and beat the Titans on the road.

Jacksonville v Indy: In the battle of the bars, the Jags and Colts square off. The Colts will finally get "Lucky" and win at home.

Philly v Arizona: Arizona is 2-0, who would have ever thought. So is Philly but Michael Vick is playing horrible. The Eagles can't win by more than a point but  a win is a win.  The Cardinals will finally show they are not for real. Eagles go to Arizona and win.

Atlanta v. San Diego: Atlanta's "D" is super good and San Diego hasn't been that good in years.  The Chargers are better than last year but they still will lose.  Atlanta wins in a short week.

Houston v Denver: Payton Manning looked confused against the Falcons but he won't be confused at home against the Texans. Manning probably hasn't left the film room since their lost in Atlanta. Broncos win at home.

Pittsburgh v Oakland: Oakland can celebrate Al Davis all they want but its not gonna help them against the Steelers.  Pittsburgh takes out the Raiders in Oakland.

New England v Baltimore: This may be the toughest one to pick.  Hard to pick against the Patriots but its hard to get a yard on the Ravens.  Baltimore wins at home and sacks Brady to the turf time after time.

Green Bay v Seattle: Green Bay is going into a very loud stadium in the rainy city. I thnk the Packers will be a better team by the end of the season but I think the "12th man" takes over and wins this game.  Seahawks win at home.