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"Active in the sport of triathlon for over fourteen years, I’ve competed at all distances including a full IRONMAN.  My coaching adds sports specific strength training that I designed with a focus on body awareness in optimal positions to transfer power where and when you need it most."

MultiSport Performance Institute 

I am excited to be selected as one of the outstanding coaches on TEAM MPI (MultiSport Performance Institute). Team MPI is one of the top coaching groups in the endurance sports world.  

You want to know more about me and my coaching?


  • USAT Level 1 Certified Triathlon Coach

  • Bachelors in Exercise Physiology from Michigan State University

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy University of Washington

  • Red Cross CPR and First Responder Certification

  • TRX Instructor Certification

  • 7X World Champion at ITU Short Course Worlds

  • 4X Ironman 70.3 World Champion

As a Physical Therapist and World Champion Triathlete I often get asked, “How do you train for a Triathlon?”

The answer to this question is that I make sure there is no stone left unturned.   The physical, nutritional and mental aspects of training and competing all mesh together and impact the overall outcome.

My athletes are ready when the gun goes off.  Training and learning how to compete is a process.  I teach my athletes how to trust the process.  It is also very important to me that my athletes have confidence in the process and confidence in themselves.  This is the mental aspect of training! 

My training philosophy is much different than many others.  Training must be a part of your life and NOT be your life.  My athletes learn how to turn on and turn off the "inner fire" and learn that every workout has a purpose.  There are no "junk miles" in my programs.  

I also ensure that the training and racing process remains fun and enjoyable.  I often have my athletes ask themselves whether they are enjoying training. If the answer is "No" then it is time to change or time to do something else.