Aaron's 2 Minute Drill Week 1

Well, we have rumbled bumbled and stumbled  into week 1 of the NFL season and its time for my 2 minute drill.  Here we go: Colts v  Bears:  Andrew Luck is a super star but sorry Andrew your time  will come to win your first NFL Game.  ”The Bears” win.

Falcons v  Chiefs:  The Cheifs are getting better but Atlanta is still  more talented. Falcons take out the chiefs.

Eagles v Browns: Eagles are definitely the more talented team but Mike Vick may make it through the first half and then his ribs will force him out. The crazy and rude Dog Pound will scare the Eagles away.  Browns take it.

Redskins v Saints: The Saints are a wounded animal but with the machine that is Drew Bries still rules NOLA.  Saints beat RG3.

Rams v Lions: The Lions may take out Bradfourd with the man handling that the Lions D- Line  of the Lions will do.  MegaTron is too much for the Rams. Lions Win.

Patriots v. Titans: With the elections coming around the corner people are very Patriotic. Patriots  Win  over The Music City Miracle

Jaguar v Vikings: The Vikings are rebuilding and Mauricd Jones Drew is looking good despite an inconsistant QB.  Jaguars take out Erik the Red’s Team

Bills v Jets: The Jets are still trying to decide who will start at QB and may not score a TD all year.  Bills take round ! vs the Jets

Dolphins v Texans: : I don’t need to explain.  Texans win.

Seahawks v Cardinals: Cardinals don’t have a QB and will be a laughing stock this year.  Seahwks will win with Russell  Wison in his debut.

49ers v Green Bay: Who roots again the Cheeseheads.  GB wins with a lot of help from the Lambo Field advantage.

Panthers v Bucs: Cam Newton is a freak and the Bucs are still wishing they had Warren Sapp b/c Cam will have a big game leading Panthers to the win.

Steelers v Broncos: The thin air will  leave the Steelers gasping for air but it won’t be enough for the Broncos, the Steelers will still win in Paytonsreturn.

Bengals v Ravens: The Bengals are really getting better but the Ravens  are just too blue collar for the Tigers.  The Ravens win.

Chargers v Raiders: Both of these teams are ugly to watch and were horrible last year.  The Chargers will be better this year and will win going into hostle territory in Oakland.

Until next week, That is my 2min Drill :)

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