Today Is the Day: KONA2012 Aaron's Picks

Well, the day has come where "Tri Junkies" from all over the world stay glued to computer screens to listen to Greg Welch  in his beautiful Aussie accent give the play by play from the place that triathletes know as KONA.

This years mens field is stacked.  Maybe the only perineal member not on the list is Chris Lieto.  There is also the return of the Aussie that tends speak his mind known as MACCA.  Nobody seems to want to give MACCA a chance except MACCA this year but I think that he will be in the hunt.  Than there is the other Aussie "Crowy", who nobody wants to give anyone other than "Crowy" a chance.  I have my own opinions and picks for this years race and yes I would take these picks to Vegas.  With no further adue here are my KONA 2012 Top 5 MEN


1: Pete Jacobs

2. Craig Alexander

3. Timo Bracht

4. Andris Raelert

5.  Chris McCormick

On the women's side there is one major name missing this year and that of course is Chrissie Wellington.   There are also some other names that I am surprised aren't in the field such as Heather Jackson and Karen Thuerig but the race must still go on.  It seems more and more of late the races are just coming down to the fastest runner and that's what I think will happen in the women's race. With that said, here are my KONA 2012 FEMALE TOP 5.


1. Mirinda Carfrae

2. Leanda Cave

3. Rachel Joyce

4. Kelly Williamson

5. Lindsey Corbin

Well, the race is about to start so tune in to to see live coverage and we will see if I really should have taken these picks to Vegas.