C How I Train; My Training Schedule Towards Worlds


I won't write a lot of blogs regarding my training because to be honest, its not too exciting to talk about how long I rode a bike or how many times I ran in circles around an standardized oval.  Unless of course you all, my readers request more of these types of blogs.  Many of you know that I am getting ready for the most important race of the year, ITU Paratriathlon World Championships on September 13th in London.  I've had to make a major change to my training over this past year, a change that seems to be in total opposition to all other trends.  While everyone else gets older and begins training and racing longer events, I seem to be getting older and going from the longer stuff  back to the shorter stuff.  I'm going to have to blame the ITU and IPC on this one (lol).  My goal is Rio 2016 and it will be a sprint triathlon for the Paralympics.  This means, I am having to reignite my fast twitch muscle fibers from hibernation and bring back the power.  

Those that know me also know that I am very open with my training and there are no secrets.  I will tell you what I am doing even if it is the most important race of my career right around the corner.  With ITU Worlds coming up soonr, this is exactly what I have decided to do.  Its kind of like the "Bachelor, Women Tell All" except much more appropriate for all audiences and not nearly as dramatic.  

The Wahoo Fitness Kicker, the best all in one bike trainer on the market

The Wahoo Fitness Kicker, the best all in one bike trainer on the market

As I mentioned above, my training has been focused on intensity and not volume.  You may be surprised at how little volume I'm doing.  Below, I have wrote out my training schedule for this past week.  Feel free to use some of these workouts for your own training. I have included my intervals but feel free to adapt the workout to your own speed  if you try these workouts.  I have just started training with the Wahoo Fitness Kicker Trainer and it has made an astronomical difference in my bike training already.  For all those reading this that are blind/visually impaired, it is the only bike trainer out there that I know of that is blind accessible since it works through application through the iPhone.  It is an amazing device for anyone, vision or not but for those with limited vision it is definitely something that can greatly enhance your bike training experience.  Learn More About Wahoo Kicker Here


Training Schedule: Sat Aug 17th - Sat Aug 24th

Saturday:  Bike/Run: (2hrs)  Wahoo Fitness Kicker Workout

Bike: (1hr 15min)Warm Up: 15min @200-225W, Main: 30min @ 250-275W, 4X5min @ 350W w/ 5min Easy spin btw. Get off & Go Right Into Hard Run

Run: (40min) Hard 5K Flat (16:45), 15min Jog Cool Down

Sunday:  Swim:  (1hr)

Warm Up: 300yd Easy;400yd Form Progression Drills (50 Fly kick on side,50yd6kicks 1pull, 50yd Dolphin+Stroke, 50yd Catch up, 50yd Sculling, 2X50 (25Fist/25Long Hard Pull), 50yd Build.   

Main set: 800yd Race Pace, 2X400yd Race Pace, 4X200yd Race Pace 60-90sec Rest between Each swim

Cool Down: 200yds

Monday:   Run: Social 6-mile run Easy 7:30 pace

Tuesday:  Bike/Run   (2hr 30min)

Bike:  (1hr 20)

Wahoo Kicker Trainer: Warm Up: 15min Spin 225-250W, Main: 1-hr @ 300W (LT)

Run:(1hr)   15min Jog to Track, 1,600m @ 5:20, 4X800m @ 2:35-2:40 (Walk 200m/Jog 200m btw each) 15min Jog Cool Down

Wednesday: Swim Easy (30-45min)

4X500yd Easy (2 Swim/2 Pull) 

Thursday: Bike/Swim (2min) 

Bike (1hr 15): Wahoo Kicker - 15min Warm up, 30min @ 300-325W, 30min @375-300W) 

Swim (45min) 300yd Swim, 400yd Form Progression Drills (see above), 10X100yd Hard on 1:30 coming in < 1:10, 100yd Cool Down

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Lake Sammamish Sprint Triathlon  

There you have it.  I have less than 3wk until my Friday September 13th race on the world stage.  I will probably do some short hard workouts and a lot of race simulation stuff   in these next few weeks.  I will probably also be wearing my CEP compression gear a lot as well as sleeping and writing more blogs to you all, the readers.  Until next time, Train Hard and "Smile Through Pain :) "


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