A Sock For Any Shoe

Who hates blisters? Maybe I should put that a different way, who likes blisters?  If you enjoy blisters than I invite you to stop reading this post right now and I officially am calling you weird.  


Just after the Boston Marathon this year, I was introduced to a new sock I had never seen before, Injinji Toes Socks.  At first , I looked at them and thought to myself, "those are kind of strange," but I always follow the old saying, "don't judge a book by its cover." I tried a pair on and initially they felt kind of strange having each toe separated but after 15-minutes or so my feet were feeling cozy.  The important question was, how would they hold up with running 13+ miles?  

I'm sure no one else has this problem but when my feet get wet and I'm sweating a ton I get blisters.  In particular, my toes rub against each other and then fluid builds up on the outside of my toes or underneath the nail.  On hilly and technical runs I also get hot spots at my arch and lateral border near the base of the 5th metatarsal.  Basically, what I am saying is that my feet hate me and they would prefer I find something that keeps them a little less beaten up.  

I think I found the answer to my feet's discomfort.  Since I started wearing the Injinji Run Performance 2.0 socks I have yet to have a blister on my toes.  Having the fabric between each toe eliminates the rubbing that leads to blisters and also helps absorb the moisture that builds up between your toes.  So I guess they also help in preventing and managing athlete's foot and other nasty stuff that likes to live between your toes.  The arches in the socks do have a little different fabric which helps decrease friction at the arch.  They even have socks for those that run a lot of trails to get more support against the increased movement that goes on in your shoe.  

If you haven't ever seen these socks you need to at least give them a try.  Some people think that they are only geared towards those that wear the Vibram shoes but this is totally false, they are for any shoe and any type of running.    Check out these videos with other testimonials about how the Injinji socks saved these runner's feet as well.  

Aaron ScheidiesComment