Blind Baby Daddy Blog: Two Much to Handle

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 Well, its been a while once again since I am getting another one of these out and let’s just say its not because their hasn’t been enough going on.  On top of Kennan being almost two years old and the learning of new words like “No” and “mine” that come with it we have added a second.  So I guess this would make me a double bind baby daddy, right?  Asher Tutwiler Scheidies, also known as Tut came into this world on April 3rd, just two days late for me to question whether this was all a big joke. 

Since Tut, was born I wouldn’t say that things have doubled in terms of difficulty but the potential for mistakes that may or may not be related to my blindness have gone up significantly.  There are now clothes for two little ones instead of one and let’s just say that mismatched clothing at school is probably the norm.  He’s lucky when he doesn’t go to school in Tut’s clothes. When I do put him in Tut’s clothes, I just tell my wife that he has decided real young that he wants to be a hipster.  There are plenty of them around Seattle that nobody questions the skin-tight look.  There are now two different sized pacifiers, or BaBa’s as Kennan likes to call them, in the house and to tell you the truth half the time I can’t tell the difference.  Kennan takes his out and leaves it all over the place and sometimes Tut’s fall out of his mouth.  No worries though because what daddy doesn’t see on the floor Kennan picks up and puts in his mouth.   I definitely have walked into the room and Kennan is standing there double fisting it with a Baba in each hand and then hold’s one up, puts it in his mouth and says, Tut’s.  Even though I can’t see to determine whether it is in fact Tut’s I just respond with, You’re right, that is Tut’s Baba that you just put in your mouth.”


Kennan gives Tut kisses

Kennan gives Tut kisses

Attention is at a premium for both little ones.  The difference is that Tut is dependent on mommy right now and Kennan is still trying to figure out how he can get his dependence on mommy back.  One option he tried was picking up one of his trucks and bashing Tut in the head with it while Brittney was feeding Tut.  Although, this did get a response,  it didn’t get him all the attention.  A week or so later Kennan tried laying down opposite of Tut while feeding  possibly to see if he could turn back the clock a year or so but all that did was lead to a tantrum when he realized that wouldn’t get him what he wanted either. Next, he tried the “can we be friends approach” started hugging and giving Tut kisses.  Our response was much more of what he was looking for but Kennan is not the most graceful and so leaving Kennan in the room with Tut in the swing or rocker is risky business.  One time I walked back in the room and Tut’s entire wardrobe was piled on top of him.  Kennan one by one was taking all of the clean folded clothes and placing each one of Tut’s on top of him.     

Kennan is like a parrot. He will repeat anything you say. This can be cute but can also be scary.


As those that have kids know they are quite the attentive little buggers.  When you think you can sneak one by them they will catch you in the acto or will take note of it and use it against you for later.  Put an iPhone near them and they will immediately start swiping right or swiping left.  This is scary because all they need to do is locate the Tender app and then you have big problems.  You also have to watch your mouth because they are great parrots as well. Brittney had Kennan saying “War Eagle” and “Go Auburn” within minutes before I even had a second to counter with “Go Green”.  We no longer have to give orders to the dogs because Kennan is on top of that.  He chimes right in with, “Sit Ret sit” and “No Gunther.”  To be honest most of the times when he says it he is right on in terms of context. He also is very good at bringing books over and asking to “Read it”, but I often have to pass the book on as I have used up all of my made up versions of most books already.  



When its daddy’s turn to watch both little ones it gets real interesting.  Kennan loves car rides but this of course does not mean daddy puts him in the car seat and goes all over town.  Its all manual labor with this car.  Kennan loves to get in his push car and have me take him all over the neighborhood. When I have both of them I have Tut in one arm in his favorite “football carry” hold and the other arm pushes Kennan up the massive hill from our house.  Recently, a man out walking stopped in front of me and said, “Man, you are one dedicated father.”  In my head I just chuckle and say “A blind baby daddy’s gotta do what he’s gotta do.”