This contract outlines the duties and responsibilities required to serve as a Guide under the CDifferentwithAaron (CDWA) name and brand.  The guidelines outlined below may seem very strict and even high maintenance, and this may be the case, but when you guide for Aaron you know what your signing up for.  

Upon signing this contract, you have agreed that you will fulfill all of the terms listed above during the Guiding Period.  Any breach of these guidelines may result in termination of your Guide responsibilities quite possibly even mid race if Aaron so chooses that your offense is warranted this severe of reprimand.  Also, if your contract is terminated, you will automatically be placed on Aaron’s “Do Not Call” list for the future.  Any appeals to your termination can be made but all appeals will be heard and decided upon by a panel of Aaron appointed blind/VI representatives who typically have similar viewpoints as Aaron.  To clarify, the “Guiding Period” refers to the time period from when you first meet up with Aaron before the event until you split up to depart to your city of residence after the event. 


  1. I agree that I will not run Aaron (intentionally or unintentionally) into a wall, tree or any other object, regardless whether I think it would be funny or if I am absolutely annoyed and irritated by him, or for any other reason even if it is probably deserved. 
  2. I agree to allow CDWA to pay for all expenses related to travel, lodging, food, racing etc for events in which I am guiding Aaron. I understand that if I pay for any expenses during the guiding period, Aaron reserves the right to mandate that I make a charitable donation to an organization of his choice in the amount of the expense I paid for.  The only exception to this guideline is if Aaron  gives verbal permission for me to pay for an event expense. 
  3. I agree to accept full responsibility and blame as “Guide Error” for any and all things that go wrong during the Guiding Period.  This includes all mistakes, visually related or not, whether it be from Aaron being  a moron or forgetting something.  
  4. I agree to wear CDWA apparel and fully support CDWA Nation each and every day during the Guiding Period regardless if my CDWA apparel has not been washed, smells or has bike grease from maintenancing Aaron’s bike. 
  5. I agre to fully support the CDWA Road Show to whatever extent this may go.  This may include but is not limited to hauling the Road Show around, getting up on tables to promote the Road Show, Tweeting over social media about the Road Show or any other task related to the CDWA Road Show.  
  6. I agree to help type and post any Tweets or Facebook posts that Aaron dictates to me during the Guiding Period regardless if the post makes fun of, embarrasses or is not an accurate depiction of me  
  7. I agree to respond to any and all of Aaron’s never ending questions, give accurate commentary to what is going on around and refrain from getting annoyed by Aaron’s antics and endless energy.  
  8. I agree to wear whatever color  or design of racing suit, swim cap or other apparel that Aaron asks that I race in regardless if it is pink, rainbow or has unicorn designs on it. 
  9. I agree to “Smile Through Pain” that Aaron puts me through even if this pain is associated with road rash or rope burn from Aaron dragging me along the ground or through the water because I was too slow to keep up 
  10. I agree to know and follow all the rules of the race and remember that this is Aaron’s race and not my own.  It is my job to help Aaron race to his potential but not put him in any jeopardy for injury or disqualification.

I ______________, have read the above CDWA Guide contract and am honored to agree and fulfill all the duties and responsibilities set forth in this contract.  I understand the ramifications and consequences of my actions if I choose to act against the CDWA Guide Contract.  


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