Growing Up Fisher is Like Growing up Scheidies Episode 8 SpiderMan

Episode 8 of the new hit NBC show Growing Up Fisher was an episode based upon judgments. Mel meets a seemingly great guy in the dog park but when the rest of the family meets Pete and sees that he has a spider web tattoo on his face, Mel is quickly made aware of this and encouraged to not associate with Pete.  On the other hand, Henry's friend Runyan has started to get a few "B's" in school and his parents call out Henry as a bad influence.  Both judgements are a little far fetched and probably unnecessary but are very prevalent in society today.  In the end, both parties realize that they are in no place to jude others like that and reconcile their differences.  


Henry & Runyen Fight: When Henry and Runyen are told not to hangout together, the two get in an argument while in gyn class doing rhythmic gymnastics.  They begin to fight but not by throwing punches but rather by hitting each other with their gymnastics ribbons.  Talk about looking like a couple of pansies.  There is nothing less intimidating than two boys swinging rhythmic gymnastic ribbons at each other.  

Just Try Me: Katie keeps praying that Mel will go to his work fundraiser so she can put on a party at his apartment but when Mel decides to come home from the event early she is sent scurrying to quiet the party.  Just when he is heading to his room and Katie thinks she is off the hook Mel looks back and says "oh by the way, its time for all your friends to go home, party's over."  She tried to fool the blind guy but Mel didn't fall for it.  Caught her red handed.  


Don't Judge: The life truth in this episode is really one that Mel realizes that he is at fault for himself.  In a world where so much is determined by visual appearance, one may suspect that blind people are less judgmental because they can't see the imperfections of others through vision.  This is not always the case and remember that just like in the first episode of the show, often times blind/VI individuals have little helpers that very conspicuously tell them about their surroundings.  This is not to say that blind/VI individuals are  as judgmental as average society but passing judgments on others has become engrained in our society and thus no matter who you are, you have to some degree become emerged into society.  The great thing about this episode is that Mel realizes that he was at fault for judging Pete purely on his spider web tattoo and returns to the park to make amends with him.  This was obviously not Pete's first time being left high and dry because of the "eye catching" artwork on his face.  

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