Tick Tock Guess Aaron's Clock is Back

We're less than a week away from the historic 118th running of the Boston Marathon and its time for all of you to once again play Tick Tock Guess Aaron's Clock.  If you haven't played/entered before, its very simple and only takes about five seconds.  Simply, go to my website CDifferentwithAaron.com and enter your name, email address and your predicted time that I will run.  The person that is closest to my actual time wins great prizes from CDifferentwithAaron and my sponsors.  

Now a few things to know before you go throwing out crazy numbers:

#1.  I am not a Kenyan.  I will not run 2:05:53.  I wish but not quite.

#2.  It is a marathon, which is 26.2 miles.  Its not a 10K so no times less than an hour please (LOL). Again, I wish but not quite.

#3.  You can always use that trusty site named Google and find my past results to help you get in the ball park.  

#4. Put times in the format HRS:MIN:SEC (Ex: 2:25:36 for two hours, twenty five minutes and thirty six seconds)

#5.  Don't be asking me what I'm going to run because I don't know either :) 

OK, well that's all I can tell you.  The 2014 Boston Marathon is Monday April 10th at 10:00am EST.  You can watch it live on National TV

Deadline to Enter Tick Tock Guess Aaron's Clock is SUNDAY APRIL 10TH at 11:59pm PST

The Time Is Ticking So Get Your Guess In Before Its Too Late!!! 

One other quick note. I have created a Special Edition CDWA Boston Strong Eye Chart shirt with the quote on the back "One Race, One City, One Word Resiliency"  and all the money raised from these shirts goes towards helping blind/VI individuals participate in the Boston Marathon as part of Team With A Vision, a non profit that is part of the Massachusetts Association for the Blind.  You can get the shirts at my website store.  They come in the three different styles seen below.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO STORE


Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 10.11.02 PM.png
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