My New Blogging Career


So I have decided that its time for me to actually start documenting the crazy and interesting life that I live.  I will begin blogging regularly (4-5 times/week) about whatever I want.  My blog is Called "Through My Eyes".  Sometimes I may talk about what I see and what I don't see.  Sometimes I may tell stories about things that impacted or molded me into who I am today.  Sometimes I will write "Through RET's eyes".  I will write about those that are the most important to me like my girlfriend Brittney.  Whatever it is that I write about you can be assured that it will be in my own style.  Don't read my blog to read about some serious or emotional story.  I want to capture your attention "Through My Eyes."  Those that know me are aware that I CDifferent and how I CDifferent will be what you learn if you follow my blog.   Strap yourself in for a funny and always adventurous ride.  If you like what you read, recommend it to others so they can also enjoy learning how I see the world. 

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