Top 5 Aaron Blunders of 2009

I was just thinking back about 2009 and how many great moments there were.  I'm not talking about any triathlon wins or anything like that.  I am talking about Aaron Blunders.  Here is what I came up with.  Biggest Aaron blunders of 2009  #5   Accidently walking back into a secure area at St. Louis airport.   TSA officer responded as if I was wanted for murder. 

#4   Left resort in Jamaica to explore downtown Montego Bay.  Nearly got attacked by a knife guy.   Thankfully we were saved by a local Jamaican. "ya mon"   

#3.  Misread the theme for National Disability Awareness Month.  I based my whole talk at NASA on my own theme.  

#2.  Overslept flight in AUS. Paid over $1,000 for a new domestic flight which cost more than my entire Round trip flight.   

#1   Biking down a flight of 10 steps accidently on the campus of UW and still living to tell about it.