Think Downhill in the Swim, Bike & Run

You may be wondering what this article is about with the above title. It is my hope that this article will shift your focus away from the stop watch and the heart rate monitor and on to how you “feel” when you swim, bike and run.  What am I talking about when I say think downhill?  This means that when you are in your best form in the pool and run and best position on the bike you should“feel” as though you are on a slight downhill.

The feeling of going downhill is achieved by activating the correct muscles and putting yourself in the optimal position. In each discipline of swimming, biking and running there is a balancing point, like a teeter totter on a playground. When you are at your optimal position, you have moved just slightly to the downhill side of the fulcrum.  From my perspective, the key to achieving this downhill feel is engagement of the lower abdominals and even the pelvic floor muscles.  All athletes I coach have lower abdominal core strengthening as part of their regular training program. If the lower abdominals are not engaged, it is very hard to obtain and maintain the body position to go downhill.  Let's take a look at how to set your self up to go “downhill” in each discipline of swimming, biking and running.  READ FULL BLOG 


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