Employment Experiences of Blind/Visually Impaired Individuals

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Instructions & Info:
Instructions & Info:
The survey below is intended to collect viewpoints and experiences of other blind/visually impaired individuals with regard to employment. The data collected will be used solely for the purpose of analysis to formulate conclusions and hopefully impact the ability of those that are blind/visually impaired to obtain employment. All persons will remain anonymous unless asked to specifically share their experiences. The data will be used in an upcoming blog in "Through My Eyes."
Have you ever been denied a job or forced out of a job because you required special accommodations?
Do you feel you have a greater chance of getting a job if you wait to disclose your visual impairment until an in-person interview?
Do you feel that during employment your employer is/was open and willing to fulfill the accommodations that you require?
Do you fear leaving your current job because you may not find another employer that would fulfill the accommodations you need?
If you were not visually impaired do you think you would have had more job opportunities?
Do you feel that you were offered a lower pay rate because you have a visual impairment that requires special accommodations?
Do you work for the Federal Government or a Federally Funded Business or Organization that supports or employs people with disabilities?
Do you feel that employers fear hiring someone that is blind or visually impaired?
Have you ever been on disability or unemployment as a result of inability to find employment?
Was your choice of profession ever influenced by someone telling you, "you won't be able to do that kind of work" or because no employer would hire you for the type of work you applied for?