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2017 Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon began in 1897 and is the oldest marathon in the world.  It is one of the 6 World Marathon Majors and also one of four major events held in the United States through the years of both World Wars (The Kentucky Derby, Rose Bowl Parade,  and Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show are the others).  It is ranked  as the most popular marathon in the world and because of its difficult qualifying standards, it also holds the strongest competition fields with respect to other marathons in the world.  

Despite being well known for its hilly terrain and the very famous Heartbreak Hill, the Boston Marathon actually has a negative net elevation gain.  This does not however make the Boston Marathon a "fast course".  Often times participants run  up to 5 minutes slower at this race due to the location of where the hills are positioned on the course.  

The 2017 Boston Marathon will be my 4th Boston Marathon and it is by far my favorite marathon and quite possibly my favorite endurance event ever.  #BostonStrong